Lynn Earley
North Bergen, New Jersey

What a hottie

In "USC's Topless Professor" [Lusty Lady, May 24–30] Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote, "With my own nude photos online, I can relate to Blaine's situation. Attempting to be taken seriously while also publicly claiming one's sexuality means we walk a tricky line. Too many people look at the nudity and never read on to see how the choice to show our bodies relates to the rest of our lives." May I say to Bussel that it may depend on the artistry of the photographer and the subject. Bussel's pictures online are not only tasteful, they are beautiful, complete with a gentle and erotic narrative yet glistening with a power and comedic subtext that make her just a little bit too sexy to also be such a fine writer and intellectual.

Earl Hazell Manhattan

Per jury

In his article "Progressive Scan" [June 7–13] Michael Atkinson pans my film Iraq in Fragments and states: "Of course it won three prizes at Sundance, where audiences are yet learning about cinematic syntax versus the possibility of truthfulness." In fact the three prizes my film won at Sundance were not awarded by the audience at all, but rather by a jury composed of filmmakers Andrew Jarecki, Zana Briski, Joe Bini, and Alexander Payne. Atkinson would do well to correctly address his insults.

James Longley
Cairo, Egypt


Nat Hentoff's column last week, "Black Site for Justice," gave the wrong surname for the former head of the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility. His name is Michael Shaheen, not Sheehan.

In Michael Atkinson's obituary of Shohei Imamura, ["New Wave Master," June 7–13], the suggestion that Imamura directed the 1958 version of The Ballad of Narayama is erroneous; it was directed by Kinoshita Keisuke.

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