Congress and Judges Gagged

Arlen Specter and a CIA torture victim know: Only the Oval Office decides what the law is

At the end of his decision, Judge Ellis, somewhat traumatized himself, writes: "Putting aside all the legal issues, if el-Masri's allegations are true or essentially true, then all fair-minded people, including those who believe . . . that this lawsuit cannot proceed [because it involves "state secrets"] must also agree that El-Masri has suffered injuries as a result of our country's mistake and deserves a remedy." (Emphasis added.)

The judge continued: "Yet . . . the only sources of that remedy must be the Executive Branch or the Legislative Branch, not the Judicial Branch."

But the executive branch, brandishing "state secrets," has forced this judge to dismiss the case! And the legislative branch has repeatedly refused to conduct an investigation into these "renditions" that kidnap suspects to be tortured—as has been verified in meticulously documented reports by Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, Amnesty International, and NYU's Center on Law and Security.

Khaled el-Masri: Tortured abroad by the CIA, abandoned in the U.S.
W. Schmid/Newscom
Khaled el-Masri: Tortured abroad by the CIA, abandoned in the U.S.

So there is no remedy for Khaled el-Masri in this country which holds its "values" and rule of law as a model to the world.

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