Lawrence Pross
Clarkesville, Georgia

Bugged out

Thanks for including the cartoon The City by Derf in your paper. It's one of the funniest, most bizarre comics, and I have sorely missed it. However, why is Tom the Dancing Bug no longer in the pages of the Voice? I very much hope that I just missed it, because it's one of the rare cartoons that manage to be both political and funny. If you were going to dump a cartoon to make room for The City, why not dump Ted Rall's crapfest? Every cartoon is a preaching-to-the-choir sermon, and you already have Ward Sutton and Tom Tomorrow for that.

Tim Lieder

Hairy implications

While I appreciate Dan Savage's candor and passion [Savage Love, June 14–20],as a woman with PCOS, I have a major problem with a question Savage chose to post and respond to. In his column a gentleman expressed his fetish for hairy princesses, the hairier the better, and asked where he could find hairy women. Savage's response was for him to seek out hairy women in a PCOS support group. While I realize the intention of the column is to have shock value, it is completely irresponsible to direct someone to get his kicks from women with a legitimate health issue. Most women with PCOS have a hard enough time dealing with the physical and emotional manifestations of the syndrome.

Ashley Tabeling
Glassboro, New Jersey

Rebels without a chord

Re Marisa Torrieri's "Shame on You" [Band on the Street, June 14–20]: The Shondes are poseurs. I and almost everyone I know went to school with them and had to endure their ramblings of how progressive and radical they were. They are blatant and sad Kathleen Hanna and Bikini Kill wannabes. What they don't understand is that their radical politics don't make their music better. Radical stances on Judaism can't compensate for shitty tunes. They are just a bunch of self-important politicos, as evidenced by Solomon and the fact that she positions herself as the "authority of radical politics" in every aspect of her life, including her shitty three-quarters-trans band. And hey, had they not been three-quarters-trans and Jewish, would the Voice really have profiled them based on musical merit alone? Here's to using your trans culture as gimmick.

Graeme Kennedy

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