Gay Until Penetration

Hetero men grapple with being taken for fags

Some gay-seeming straight guys wonder if their less macho qualities might translate in the bedroom. One friend even went so far as to put a "man seeking man" ad on Craigslist, but after receiving photos of guys' hard dicks, he "almost threw up," prompting a friend to tell him, "It's going to be hard for you to be gay if you don't like cock."

If you're a girl but hate pink, are you a dyke? If you're a guy who likes to cook, decorate, and listen to Pet Shop Boys and the Go-Go's, can you still like pussy? These concerns can cause mental anguish for those who don't conform to either gay or straight stereotypes.

Culturally, being "gay" isn't just about who you fuck, but about how you present yourself to the world, and all the baggage, good and bad, that comes with the idea of gayness. According to Anthony, the increasing occurrence of straights being mistaken for gay "shows that straight men are getting more comfortable with taking care of themselves, looking good, and knowing they have to work a little harder to woo women. You hope we're all relaxed enough that if the wrong gender hits on you, you can laugh it off and take it as a compliment."

Jason Anthony wants to queer up your hetero boyfriend.
image: Frank Montagna
Jason Anthony wants to queer up your hetero boyfriend.


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