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Devastating Council of Europe report on CIA involvement with kidnapping and torture

To continue: After an incontinence pad is shoved on the victim, " 'they put diapers on him.' " His ears are muffled . "[A] cloth bag is placed over the man's head, with no holes through which to breathe or detect light" and he "is typically forced aboard a waiting" airplane where " 'they bind him up in a very uncomfortable position that makes him hurt from moving.' "

Finally, for this week, from Dick Marty's report: "Personal accounts . . . speak of utter demoralization. Of course, the despair is greatest in cases where the abuse persists—where a person remains in secret detention, without knowing the basis on which he is being held and where nobody apart from his captors knows about his whereabouts or well-being. . . . "

illustration: Matthew Leake

"For the 'disappeared' . . . links with normal society appear practically impossible to restore." Makes you proud to be an American.

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