Gina Sanabria

American sexpots

Re Corina Zappia's "Beyond Gay Marriage" [June 21–27]: In a society where sex is taboo it's no wonder why people experiment with sex rather than look for love and sex. If you're a teenager with family issues you try to escape by experimenting with sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. What do you expect in a society where a man has to be a marine, a football player, or a cowboy and where any form of physical contact between men is not approved of, or where a woman has to be in a beauty pageant and think about her life as a continuous makeover? In a society where being different in school causes isolation and sometimes physical humiliation, sex is liberation. In places like Scandinavia and the Mediterranean, sex is not such an issue and people really try to find love. These societies still have issues with gays but try to solve them. In the United States sex is a paradoxical sin, looked at with hatred and intolerance, and this freaks me out, especially when we want to teach democracy to other countries.

Massimo Mascoli

What's the idea?

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