Virtuosity Redefined

Romantic-era composer and postmodern choreographer commune across centuries

Uchizono's ideas, however, are rarely literal in terms of a narrative. Who knows what Lisztian tales inspired her to have dozens of apples tumble onto the stage, to be gathered up by the dancers and rolled away? Serrell makes a deliciously funny exit close to the wings, trying to finish devouring an apple exactly as Groh ends the music.


Donna Uchizono Company
Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts
Bard College
June 29 through July 1

Bard's choice of Uchizono to provide a dance component to its music festival turned out to be sensitive as well as bold. Her interpretation of Liszt's music is in its quiet way as daring as the Fisher Center, Frank Gehry's grand architectural take on the 19th-century concert hall.

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