Blind to Torture

Our European allies in the CIA's criminal missions are finally held accountable

But what the hell, nobody's head was cut off, and nobody was burned alive. We're much too civilized for that, as Tony Snow can tell you. (Mr. Snow says he never has to "bite his tongue" when talking to reporters. The problem is what he is told to swallow.)

In the European Council report on the torture web, Dick Marty gives credit to the human rights organizations that for years now have provided concrete information on these crimes. Also, he adds, certain journalists, "investigating on the ground, often for months on end," have been valuable.

"But," Marty added, "these revelations had met with curious indifference from both the media and governments and political circles in general."

Next week: a piercing of the indifference by American Jewish groups—including hundreds of rabbis (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform)—organizing against torture! They may open many more eyes to the lethal virus we, the people, should demand be extirpated from this nation's war on terrorism.

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