May the Nation With the Most Hotties Prevail

A head-butt-free look back at the World Cup's finest NYC fetes

For Sunday's Italy-France final, I decided to follow her advice and finally be with my people; Little Italy has been awash in red, white, and green the whole tournament. In the meatpacking district, Florent Morellet hosted a standoff between his French fans at Florent and Macelleria, the Italian spot across the street. And then there was Nourai's suggestion, Piola. There were indeed good-looking guys (who paid a whopping $50 to get in), but the Italians were so serious about their soccer, not even women could distract them. One boorish type shoved me a few times so he could get a better look at the screen, proving that there's always a buffoon to ruin it for everyone else at a sporting event, no matter what the nationality.

The Italians' propensity for drama was on display. The jersey-clad men in front leapt with joy, threw their arms up in anger, cursed at the screen (hey, this was feeling bizarrely familiar), and got so excited during goals, it was like a stampede. More than a few of the glass lamps hanging from the ceiling were broken. After last week's Italian victory over Germany, Piola partner Marco Moretti experienced what he calls "the loudest scream I ever heard in my life"; during the final's nail-biting penalty-kicks conclusion, a few Italian fans actually looked like they might cry, so I was very glad when Italy won.

Suspiciously, Frenchie DJ Neil Aline couldn't be reached by press time, but Rome-born local techno DJ Silver wrote in: "I was walking my dog when we won. I heard cars beeping and a number of people shouting, 'Forza Italia!' Of course, I thought they were cheering me, but then I realized we won the cup. One more good reason to play Italo disco and cosmic disco. I smell a big Italian revival—hopefully this time it'll be more about music and art than pizza and spaghetti. We gave you art, food, Mafia, amazing Italo disco, and the fourth World Cup. Italians do it better!"

Consumed with sporting passion, they completely ignored the babes.
photo: Tricia Romano
Consumed with sporting passion, they completely ignored the babes.


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