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Anyway, since he is the director, I asked Daniels (who produced Monster's Ball) what brought him to a hit-man movie hoping to be a hit. "I got a lot of flack from the black community," he said, "because HALLE BERRY had sex with a racist. We didn't get nominated for an NAACP Image Award. So now I tried to flip it. I did this movie for my family, who were very verbal about not liking Monster's Ball. Now I hope the white people get it!

"I got offered Boyz N the Hood 6 and Where's the Father of My Baby? 2 for lots of money," he added, not laughing. But Daniels wanted to do this one because it's so deeply about his people that he dedicated it to his late drug dealer uncle and showed it to his cousin in Rikers, who loved it. Some family, huh? "Most African Americans," Daniels explained, "are in denial about how Huxtable we are. Even CONDOLEEZZA RICE is only a generation away from the projects."

Well, this night there was a glittery reception, and in the screening room, Daniels exulted that even WENDY WILLIAMS was in the house. Alas, she was nowhere to be seen, so as the lights went down, he was heard to mutter, "I guess she only came for the photo op." Wendy, don't play that shit.

After the Ball: Shadowboxer's Daniels (left)
photo: Jacob Pritchard
After the Ball: Shadowboxer's Daniels (left)



ROSARIO DAWSON not only showed up for her promo lunch at Michael's last week, she gleefully took on a heap of french fries, telling me, "I live in California. I've seen enough freakin' salad. There's something about french fries that makes everybody so happy!" I'm gonna start sprinkling some on my Zoloft.

Meanwhile, carb-faced DAVID GEST isn't gay, according to his bodyguard (who heard Gest bragging about bedding women with whipped cream and, I guess, waxed eyebrows)? OK, can we get a second opinion from someone not on the payroll?

Gay designer extraordinaire THIERRY MUGLER won't need a bodyguard with the makeover he's been sporting lately. Nude shots of Mugler are circulating in which he looks scarily ripped, tattooed-with-arm-stripes, modified-mohawked, facially enhanced, and downright bizarrely fabulous (or fabulously bizarre). Ooh la wha'?

Also spookily cute are the "kitlers" featured on the guilty-pleasure site catsthatlooklikehitler.com. What next—monkeys that look like Bush?

But not-cute tyrants BEENIE MAN and T.O.K. have long been rabidly homophobic, advocating bigotry to a reggae beat (though Beenie Man touchingly says his lyrics have been misconstrued and T.O.K. may have mellowed). Well, having spent much of the last month pulling down stapled posters for Beenie Man—while remembering that when gay activists protested a London event featuring T.O.K., they were beaten by angry fans yelling, "Kill the chi-chi man"—I sent a lovely e-mail to LIFEbeat. I asked the charity org how they could have booked those two acts for their "Hearts & Voices" concert, where "international reggae artists come together for the first time to address HIV/AIDS." What next—kitlers peforming for the JDL? I eventually got a mass response saying they'd decided to cancel the concert under pressure, which was terrific, but get this. Their statement said that while they believed very strongly in the event, "the possibility of violence at the concert from the firestorm incited by a select group of activists makes canceling the event the only responsible action." Huh? So they didn't can the whole damned thing because of the hate-crime-espousing artists they'd insanely booked, but because the people who objected to all the verbal bashing were endangering lives? Why do I feel LIFEbeat-en? (Update: The org later rethought the situation and sent out a much more contrite and compassionate statement, explaining that they'd gotten random threatening calls and also promising to reach out to the Caribbean community in other ways. Mighty Huxtable of them.)


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