Michael Bark
Campbell Hall, New York

Not-so-proud poppa

Re Rob Harvilla's "Jesus Is My Hype Man" [Down in Front, July 12–18]: I appreciate the effort, well-meaning white guy, but the key is not "talking to" or "speaking for" thugs; the key is to stop the mass production of thugs, a process that American culture is so good at that Henry Ford would be proud. First step? Stop validating illiteracy, the violently macho value system, and the overall ghetto mentality in the next generation of future possible thugs. Like decades of liberal whites before him, Poppa T is part of the problem, not the cure.

Steven Augustine
Berlin, Germany

Goal accomplished

Thanks for Bill Gallo's great review of the documentary Once in a Lifetime[Tracking Shots, July 5–11]. As a cheerleader for the Cosmos, it was a wild and fantastical time, not only in sports and the media, but in New York City during the '70s. Hats off to Paul Crowder for giving the obscure soccer phenomenon I witnessed firsthand the same treatment as he did the surfing world.

Catherine Schuller

Editor in chief wanted:

Village Voice, America's flagship alternative weekly, is seeking an editor in chief to carry on the paper's storied tradition of investigative journalism, feature-length storytelling, and cutting- edge cultural criticism. Applicants should have a fine touch with copy, significant experience crafting stories in magazine style, and strong reporting chops. They should be able to help staff generate superior in-depth stories that explain how New York City works, and guide beginning writers as well as accomplished ones. The ideal candidate will be able to edit and write, leading by example rather than by dictate.

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter, résumé, and clips to:

Christine Brennan
c/o Westword
969 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

What's the idea?

The Voice still has openings for staff writers. We're looking for journalists who understand the difference between magazine-style reporting and the hurried factoid-finding of daily papers. Ideal candidates must be able to create in-depth and compelling stories that explore issues, events, and people. We want to see examples of not only your past work but also your current story pitches. We offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Send cover letter, résumé, clips, and pitches—via e- mail, if at all possible—to:

Ward Harkavy
Interim Editor in Chief The Village Voice
36 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003


Last week Julian Dibbell's "Play War" incorrectly stated that America was celebrating 240 years of independence. The correct number is 230.

In Michael Atkinson's review of Guernsey (July 5–11), the director Nanouk Leopold is referred to as a man. Ms. Leopold is a woman.

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