Staying in Shape

The Siren after-party scene only further proves MisShapes' dominance

I like some of their songs, even though it is not cool to like SWR, especially since they do remind one a bit of Interpol , a comparison Warfield bristled at. "If we fit any of those comparisons, we might get defensive," he said. " 'Oh, two guys with a deep voice.' I can name about five other guys who have deep voices." They think L.A.'s music world is stronger than New York's, pointing to Autolux , Monsters Are Waiting , Moving Units, Giant Drag, and the Silverlake scene as evidence. Warfield wasn't the most forthcoming interviewee: "You interested in seeing any of the bands at Siren?" "No." "You ever been to Siren?" "No."

Siren fans evidently weren't impressed with their performance, either. One posted on "To be up front for Scissor Sisters I had to endure the UTTER PAIN of She Wants Revenge. Never again."

You can't imagine how much fun they're having
photo: Tricia Romano
You can't imagine how much fun they're having


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