Lightning Rod, Part 1

Refusing to play by the rules, adult performer Christian pushes people's buttons

Because Christian refuses to be just another piece of manmeat-for-hire, people love to take shots at him. Some message board posters like to alert people to his "past" (a past he's made no secret of and that is pretty well documented on the Internet). Others question his gender and sexual orientation, lob homophobic insults at him, and insist that knowing he's worked with men means they can't ever enjoy a straight scene of his again. A few caution female performers not to work with him because he's unsafe or support those women who have him on their "No" list because of his non-straight work. The same issues seem to be rehashed every few months, and the resulting dialogue—thoughtful, complex, offensive, stupid—can be infuriating. But it's also fascinating for what it reveals about double standards for performers, ideas about bisexuality, the instability of sexual identity, and hopefully, some changing attitudes within porn.

Look for Part 2 in two weeks.

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