Boerum Hill has Paula Fox; Park Slope has Jonathan Safran Foer and Paul Auster. Here's a chance to represent Carroll Gardens in the South Brooklyn literary scene. The Sackett Street Writers' Workshop (, founded by Julia Fierro in 2002, offers courses in fiction and nonfiction throughout the autumn.


See also:
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    Inside the hypercompetitive world of high-IQ societies
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    Don't hate me because I'm beautiful—and smart: College students who model
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  • Doctors With Borders
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  • As the basis for the classic film The Red Shoes or Martin McDonagh's play The Pillowman, myths and legends provide an inexhaustible supply of inspiration. NYU's "Beauties, Beasts and Enchantments: Writing Fairy Tales" (212-998-7200, uses some of the most universal plots—a journey, an ordeal, three wishes—as starting points for writing a fairy tale of your own.

    Instead of complaining about how unfunny most sketch comedy is, take a cue from the guys behind the SNL digital films "Lazy Sunday Afternoon" and the Natalie Portman rap parody and DIY. The PIT offers "Intro to Sketch Writing" (, 212-563-7488). The course ends with a reading of your work by professionals. Kosiya Shalita

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