The Mind-Body Problem

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful—and smart: College students who model

Novelist Hazelwood: "Good lord, you're a genius!"
photo: Dennis Kleiman
Novelist Hazelwood: "Good lord, you're a genius!"


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  • Hazelwood's novel deals in the industry's underbelly of sex, drugs, and collagen, but she hopes Model Student doesn't come across as a bitter tell-all. At least she 's not bitter—she says her 13 years of catwalks and covers were worthwhile, because she didn't miss too many lectures and got a lock on writing about an industry that is "darker and funnier" than even Zoolander portrayed. As for long-term side effects, Hazelwood says, "I'm reluctant to say it made me dumber, but my brain definitely thought more superficially. You kiss each other like 50 times when you say hello, but you don't really know anything about them, you know?"

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