"Hate Crimes" Trap

Extra prison time for what Nicholas Minucci said during physical assault with a bat

Second-degree assault is a Class D felony, but as a "hate crime" it escalated to a Class C felony—thereby, notes Minucci's attorney, Albert Gaudelli, accounting for Minucci's additional prison time.

During the one year he's already been in prison, Minucci was segregated from the general prison population—behind bars for 23 hours a day—as a despised pariah. Will he be in solitary for the rest of his sentence if his appeal fails?

Commenting on Minucci's sentence, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said that in committing this "hate crime," Minucci "raised the bat against not only Glenn Moore but against every other resident of the city."

In that case, shouldn't Nicholas Minucci's sentence—because of what he said while using that bat—be multiplied by the number of this city's residents? Supporters of "hate crimes" laws habitually claim that what's said during those crimes affects the entire community. Do you feel cheated because he only got 15 years?

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