Lightning Rod, Part 2

XXX performer Christian makes waves and change in the industry.

Christian's refusal to identify as bi or gay for pay is frustrating for some and incomprehensible to others, but it's clearly freeing for him: "I am a guy who likes to do whatever he wants to get laid and get paid for it. I don't have any hang-ups about it. I'll try anything. I am a sexual chameleon." My hope is that he represents the next generation of porn performers, a group of people who refuse to be pinned down by labels, who are conscious about how their work and identities relate to one another, who use sex work as a transformative tool, and who set an example for viewers to step outside their boxes and try something new.

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photo: Courtesy of Vivid Entertainment
Christian with fellow performer Lexi Bardot
photo: Courtesy of Vivid Entertainment

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