James Longley
Seattle, Washington

Michael Atkinson replies: I'll admit that the use of "embedded" in this context was both generalized and suggestive of the film's attitude, not an explicit accusation about Longley's activities. But prevarication (not lying per se; see Webster's) pervades the film, each and every time Longley invents a reaction shot he could not have had the additional cameras to capture. (Multiple cameras hovering around Iraqi children would have entailed its own compromises.) Robert Flaherty and Walt Disney did it too, and it's dishonest.


In last week's issue of the Voice, Cynthia Carr's piece stated that owners of the "Bonanza" condos on Pacific Street were each offered $1.2 million to vacate. In fact, Forest City Ratner offered owners $850 per square foot.

In the same issue, Adrienne Day's article listed the Mark Morris Dance Center as a Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) project. The dance center was built by the Mark Morris Dance Group.

Also in the issue, Reverend John J. Paris's name was misspelled in "Doctors With Borders."

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