Just Like Home, Only Posher

A trip to the Hamptons to ogle celebrities, horses, glam metalheads, and Nacho

Elsewhere, at polo, I ran into media scoundrels George Gurley (of the Observer) and Chris Wilson (of the Post's Page Six) standing with Steve Garbarino, the new editor in chief of BlackBook, which will soon bump from six issues a year to 10. "I want to make it a real publication with real journalism instead of essays and navel-gazing," Garbarino said, adding that he hoped to turn out features the quality of Vanity Fair's. I lamented to the gents that few people were watching the polo match itself. "It's just an elegant backdrop to get drunk and watch horses," Wilson said. Unfortunately I hadn't done either yet.

Slightly older boys hoist each other at Boutique
photo: Staci Schwartz/stacipop.com
Meanwhile, Wilson's boss, Rich- ard Johnson, was dutifully doing the unthinkable—watching the polo match. Since he's a heterosexual married man, we can assume he was not ogling Argentine hottie Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras the same way Ben Cho and Sam Ong, the event's publicist, were. It was like an echo all day: "Nachooooo. Nachooooo. Let's go see Nachooooo."

Oh, Nacho. Dark, wavy brown hair. Handsome, lithe, and rugged all at the same time, with a megawatt smile. I'll take your picture. You're fucking beautiful.

photo: Staci Schwartz/stacipop.com


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