Rockie Weekly Horoscope August 11-17

General Forecast

The weirdness you may have experienced during Wednesday's Aquarius full moon could still be pervasive. Late Thursday, the Leo sun opposes delusional Neptune in Aquarius and Mercury crosses over to Leo, activating the degree at which it turned retrograde on July 4th. By Saturday, you might sense a change in the atmosphere as Venus leaves protective (paranoid?) Cancer for bright, cheery Leo. Don't be fooled! Sunday's opposition between Mars and Uranus is the classic warning that a disaster is in the making. Reconstruction efforts are rewarded midweek when the sun trines Pluto in Sagittarius.

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Aries: Mar. 20 - Apr. 19

One leg may be firmly entrenched in a stable, emotionally satisfying situation, not unlike what you experienced around your birthday. Your other leg, however, is about to tip a precarious, somewhat unusual relationship over the edge. How you keep your balance or if you even want to is the question that should be answered in about another week. Meanwhile there's consistent work to be done and details to be attended to while your energetic, ambitious Mars ruler transits virtuous Virgo through the Labor Day holiday.

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Taurus: Apr. 20 - May 20

For the past four weeks, while your Venus ruler was cruising through Cancer, you may have concentrated on ordinary household matters or on an issue that related to what your next address will be. Well, from now through Labor Day, as Venus transits luxury-loving Leo, you're likely to be less concerned with comfort and convenience and more interested in the impression created when folks come to your front door. The urge to embellish, to wow and make wonderful is a natural result of this annual astrological trip. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Gemini: May 21 - Jun. 20

The cradle will rock. Whether it comes tumbling down depends on what happens when take-action Mars in Virgo threatens the foundation of your solar chart when it faces unsettled Uranus at the top. Since a sudden career move is also a possibility, keep a bag packed and the gas tank full. After what seems like the longest retrograde ever, your Mercury ruler is finally venturing into uncharted territory. Over the next ten days you'll be offered a slew of new things to think about; some of them promising, some depressing and one a figment of a vivid imagination.

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Cancer: Jun. 21 - Jul. 22

It's a given. Once you've celebrated your birthday, the Moon Child tends to take stock of what you have as well as where, in the general roadmap of your life, you are. Because your Leo house of assets and values is chock full—three planets plus the powerful sun—this year you're apt to dwell on financial matters far longer and more intensely than in previous summers. Relax, the worry wart component of the crustacean temperament doesn't need further encouragement. Besides, you'll have alternatives to consider soon enough.

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Leo: Jul. 23 - Aug. 22

If it's your birthday week, it makes perfect sense that the whole wide world is focusing on you and wondering what it'll take to make you happy. But if your date has come and gone, then all that attention could stem from all those planets in Leo and their problematic ties to expansive Jupiter in your Scorpio home base and delusional Neptune in your house of partners. In one guise or another, faith and fantasy will be hot button issues that need to be dealt with before Labor Day marks the end of this historical turning point of a summer.

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Virgo: Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

Prepare to be jolted out of whatever sense of complacency you may have retained after a difficult Mercury retrograde. This week motivated Mars in your sign opposes independent Uranus in your Pisces house of significant others. For some Virgos, the conflict manifests as a run in with a co-worker, for others, as a mouth-dropping surprise from a partner. But because your Mercury ruler is almost back up to speed and in contact with three major planets, you should be able to come up with a solution that works on a couple of levels.

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Libra: Sep. 23 - Oct. 22

Concern about your career and your colleagues' opinions may still carry a hefty weight, but the atmosphere at work should have changed after your Venus ruler moved from solicitous Cancer to bright, bushy-tailed Leo. Let's hope that the Lion's roar elicits the kind of attention you want and that it leads to the sort of outrageous stroke of luck you're blessed with whenever Venus and jolly Jupiter align, as they will on the 22nd. Although you might not feel pressed, now can also be the time you're likely to get involved in socio-political matters, e.g., the election.

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Scorpio: Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Confirmation that you're on the right path could come about the time that curious Mercury in your career midheaven passes along the information it's been gathering since it started covering new ground. Now that the ramifications from its recent retrograde period are over, you can sit back and collect the assorted goodies due when grateful Venus connects with generous Jupiter in your sign on the 22nd. With another Jupiter-Neptune square on the horizon, it's time to dream the impossible dream. But is it safe?

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