A. Himsa

Blah blah, black sheep

The fact that the Voice has Jim Ridley on staff is beyond me. The only thing this guy needs to critique is himself. There is always one jealous, insecure black sheep that feels he has to put something brilliant down. Every man should have a voice, but this voice should not be a movie critique. Well, maybe he gives Snakes on a Plane or Superman a big thumbs-up . . . mmm yes, a critic for the dumb people of America—it's just the blind leading the blind.

Camille Hodgson
London, England


Most of your film writers now seem to be based outside of New York. Unsurprisingly, you're also giving a lot more space to big-budget wide releases. We can read about those movies anywhere. That space used to be devoted to the kind of films that New York cineastes could only read about, in depth, in the pages of the Voice. It's a shame.

Josh Ralske

Wake up and shake that ass

Re Tricia Romano's "Annie Get Your Cell Phone Gun" [Fly Life, July 26–August 1]: I am amazed at how proud Americans are about our so-called freedom, yet we can't even dance freely in New York City. Romano's article gave me a unique view of a movement that needs more attention. There are already laws in place that restrict noise and the number of people in a club. Then there's the economic aspect: I'm sick and tired of having to pay a $20-to-$30 door charge when I should be able to stand up and wiggle at my local bar. Wake up New York; let us dance.

Bob Jenkins Manhattan


In In last week's issue, Ed Halter's "Fakes on a Plane" incorrectly identifies a short film by Alex Jones as TerrorWar. The actual title is TerrorStorm.

Last week's Voice Choices erroneously listed Kiki & Herb's new Broadway show as We Has Risen. The actual title is Kiki & Herb: Alive on Broadway.

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