Wish You'd Been There

How the boldfaced and the beautiful spent their summer vacations

Thank God for Leo's wife. For her second number, Miss Muz did her patented bleeding-heart number where she squeezes fake blood out of a lifelike fake heart and pours it all over her nearly naked hot bod. After that she took a "Coney Island Wine Bath," washing off the blood with two gallons of red wine. You can be certain Seattle hadn't seen anything like Miss Muz.

She then returned from her vacation, donned an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny red polka-dot bikini, and joined Va Va Voom Room darling Kate Valentine for their second annual Va Va Vroom Car Wash Saturday outside Galapagos in Williamsburg. A bevy of babes—including Starshine Burlesque's Little Brooklyn, Bunny Love, Dirty Martini (summer goal achievement: "no tan lines!"), Ula the Pain Proof Rubber Girl, Bambi, Nasty Canasta, Leslie Russ, and Leslie's wee young lass Fiona (stealin' the show)—buffed and waxed cars to tunes played by Scott Ewalt. They got all wet for a good cause: raising funds for Safe House, a women's shelter. Valentine said they originally wanted to donate money to a children's theater organization, but they were a little nervous about the idea of bodacious babes in bikinis raising monies for innocent children: "They didn't want our whore money," Valentine says. In the meantime, she's searching for a way to produce the Va Va Voom Room in Vegas (somebody give this lady a contract!), while the gals are gearing up for the New York Burlesque Festival over Labor Day weekend. Better luck relaxing next year. But remember, there's no rest for the wicked.

The funds generated by this scene will, appropriately, not go to children.
photo: Tricia Romano
The funds generated by this scene will, appropriately, not go to children.


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