Mercy Sells, but Who's Buying?

The Manu Chao Craigslist ticket war: A microcosm of capitalism, anarchy, and desperation

To people whining about Manu Chao tickets resale: Put on your Che Guevara T-shirts and listen to Chao in your ipod on your way to your job at Starbucks. How many people can profit from one person? What the hell are you talking about moron? Ticktes were on sale for 2 weeks before they sold out. Next time wake up in the morning with the rest of us, you useless lemming. I am not reselling, but if I had extras, I sure as hell would. And to the highest freaking bidder.

All I Want Is a Friend

"Always fun and amazing, and always a capitalist extravaganza."
photo: Giulietta Verdon-Roe
"Always fun and amazing, and always a capitalist extravaganza."


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  • I'm a Latino male and I have my ticket to see Manu Chao. My friends waited to the last moment to get their tickets, and it's sold out already. I'm looking to meet up with people that already have their tickets and want to hangout at this concert. "Que hora son tu corazon".......Manu Chao. Get back to me please....Thanks.


    The show date arrived, and Manu Chao gave a high-voltage performance to a capacity crowd of capitalists, leftists, anarchists, and loners. I was lucky enough to get an extra ticket from a friend who canceled. I paid face value.

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