The Heart of Body & Soul

Clubland's most inclusive party enjoys its place in the pantheon

François: That ("Jaguar") was definitely broken at Body & Soul. No one was playing it.

Danny: We pitched it down to make it soulful—pitched it down as far as the turntable goes. I remember going to play it and the DJ put it back all the way—"What are you doing?" I said, "That's how I play this record." "Really? Oh, you're losing all the energy." "No, you're gonna lose all the soul." It's a different record when played at normal speed.

What club tradition do you feel most connected to? Danny: We (he and François) both met each other at the Loft. Discussing what Body & Soul should be like, the Loft was one of the examples we thought of. Obviously, Paradise Garage was a big influence.

A DJ supergroup protecting you from the evil of bottle service
photo: Tricia Romano
A DJ supergroup protecting you from the evil of bottle service


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  • François: I'm a foreigner (French, specifically). I came to New York City because I didn't want to be in a homogenous country. I really wanted to be around the whole melting pot, kitchen sink collection of humanity that makes New York City what it is. When I think back on what makes Body & Soul so special to me, it's that this was the first party where I very, very specifically saw many, many people completely blown away by the fact that there was really everyone there. Old, young, whatever. Ethnic, sexual, age, all the combinations. This really blew my mind. If anything, I think Body & Soul was a true child of New York. This party was only possible here in New York City. I think we all really love New York City.

    François K's Deep Space party is held every Monday at Cielo; Danny Krivit's next 718 Sessions event at Club Deep is Sunday, September 17. And look for a new Body & Soul compilation this winter.

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