Reprint: Terror Attack

An eyewitness account of 9-11

Michael Baldwin

Occupational Hazards

I understand Alisa Solomon's fear and outrage at the attack on the United States. Her implicit indictment of the Palestinians, however, is uninformed and ultimately saddens my heart. If we fall into equating this violence with the suicide bombers in Israel, we must be fair and note that Palestinians also live in "perpetual anxiety." The only way we can rise above this violence in our country is to absorb its profundity and refrain from lashing out. In fact, such terror is what the Palestinians have lived with under the Israeli government since 1948.

Ian Thompson
Beaumont, Texas

Touching Base

Having lived in New York back in 1975, I knew that I could find a human touch at the Voice. Thanks for Alisa Solomon's article.

Ted Feder
São Paulo, Brazil

Headlines and Deadlines

I found "Terror Attack" to be extremely biased and sensational. And to title a Voice cover of this magnitude "The Bastards!"? That and Solomon's use of a witness's gory description show little sensitivity to this tragedy.

Bob Smith

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