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Akron avenges the Keys

Nate Cavalieri uses his review of the Black Keys' new record ["As You Loathe It," September 13–19] and his position at a major paper like the Voice to spew vitriol against someone whom he has a personal connection to. I happen to know Pat Carney personally, and so does Cavalieri. He dislikes Carney because they had an argument once about some petty thing, and now he uses his power at the Voice to rail against Carney's critically acclaimed, commercially successful musical project. Perhaps Cavalieri is bitter that he is not rich like Carney. Perhaps he resents the fame and fortune a college dropout like Carney has acquired, while Cavalieri holds a degree from a prestigious university. Perhaps he is just a very poor music critic. As an Ohioan who is very concerned about the future of my state, I consider Carney to be a great man who has given time and money to make his hometown of Akron a better place and is very active in Ohio politics. He certainly does not give Ohio a bad name.

Theodore Mallison
Akron, Ohio

As the girlfriend of the Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney, I've got more than a hunch that this so-called music critic Cavalieri simply has a giant ax to grind. It would have been at least semi- responsible for Cavalieri to give full disclosure as to his personal issues with the Keys. Cavalieri used to play keyboards with a Detroit-based band called the Sights. The Sights played with the Black Keys on various occasions. This isn't the first time Cavalieri has written about the Keys, and it certainly isn't the first time he's made sure to drag them through cow shit. I'm not talking out of my ass: As someone who attended Oberlin College with Cavalieri, I find it funny that his parents shelled out at least $80,000 for him to study music so he could join an underwhelming Detroit band, only to fail miserably and end up as little more than a struggling music writer who abuses the power of the pen to jerk himself off.

Denise Grollmus
Akron, Ohio

I hope you didn't actually pay for the review of the Black Keys new CD Magic Potion, because that wasn't a review. I think the author needs to get some serious counseling. Only someone with severe emotional problems would write something so hostile.

Mary Buckley
Akron, Ohio

Live up to the lame brand

Re Jim Ridley's "Ain't No Sunshine" [July 26–August 1]: The level of smarm that emanates from the Voice's film critics is getting so predictable it's thrilling. I look forward to your reviews online because I can always count on the bile of some sweaty little misanthrope from Manhattan [Ridley lives in Tennessee—ed], who predictably equates popularity with populist swill. Perhaps slamming Little Miss Sunshine for being glib and smarmy, in a review that's glib and smarmy, leaves some readers scratching their heads. Not me, being glib and smarmy is the Voice's signature style—that and being humorless.

Jacob Richmond
Victoria, British Columbia

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