Randall Jones

Out of character

I take issue with Jessica Winter's unfair and unsubstantiated characterization of the Pioneer Theater ["FEVA Dream," September 13–19] as disorganized and miserly. As a member of a film/video presenting organization that has been doing regular screenings at the Pioneer for over two years, I have found Pioneer Theater while under the management of Ray Privett to be efficient, organized, friendly, and quite accessible to independent filmmakers and curators. Yes, Pioneer takes a cut up front to cover its house costs, but this cost is stated clearly and is very reasonable. Pioneer Theater is one of the most affordable screening venues in New York City, which enables filmmakers and curators to take chances on challenging and offbeat titles rarely seen elsewhere. Pioneer Theater is actually an example of something that keeps the East Village underground creative spirit alive.

Prerana Reddy
Co-founder, 3rd I NY South Asian film/video collective

Who Wu?

Re Miles Marshall Lewis's "Tical 2006: The Falling-Off" [September 20–26]: Lewis is a fucking idiot. Method Man's CD is really good. The only reason people say he "fell off" is because he doesn't sell anymore. Selling records shouldn't dictate what is a good CD. Record sales only indicate that you caught a buzz through some bullshit catchy radio single that little kids like. Kids don't know who Wu-Tang is or have any damn taste anyway.

Nick Muenstedt
Forest, Virginia

The breakup

The number of reasons to bother to dig through the mass of crumpled paper in the Voice's news boxes has been steadily declining. Those tasteful ads in the back will only get you so far, demographically speaking. As of August 30, the number of reasons for me to bother dropped to exactly zero. No Consumer Guide? No Pazz and Jop? No intelligent writing about music? And don't insult our intelligence by singing the praises of no-name wannabes who try to fill space. What manner of Japanese horror-flick monster is a Harvilla, anyway? I'm sure it breaks your heart, but your circulation just dropped by one, permanently. Here's hoping some other publication has better taste than you assholes.

Tom Hardy

Wounded pride

What Michael Musto failed to mention in his coverage of the Day to Be Gay 2006 [La Dolce Musto, September 13–19] was that the communities this event is held in year after year actually benefit from it, and the gay community is actively welcomed to participate in local issues. If Musto isn't able to read the entire Day to Be Gay sign while driving 40 miles per hour, next year we will be happy to make the signs larger for him. Not only is our gay community steroid-free but many of the livestock and organic farms that line our roads are also substance-free. As a heterosexual member of the community I have actually said "gay" out loud and even let a few of "them" in my house. Perhaps Musto would be better off in the Hamptons, where the pet owners are as talented as their pets.

Jeff Kantoff
Callicoon Center, New York

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