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While sex toy use and masturbation are generally personal rituals, the voyeur in me can't help but perk up at the idea of a guy showing off his masturbation techniques, even inviting me along for the ride. I don't know if others share my proclivities, but I'd be all about drizzling some lube onto a lover's waiting cock and then watching him slowly, sensually jerk himself off. Masturbation isn't necessarily a solo act, and whether you get by with a little help from some lube, a sleeve, plug, clamps, or even a video camera, or just your hands and imagination, letting a lover get a sneak peek could transform your relationship.

Quality toys can be pricey, but there are many simple household items that do the job just as well. I'm not talking about fucking fruits or veggie dildos, but judicious use of ice, rulers, wooden spoons, and clothespins can add sizzle to your sex life. A quick, not so sexy PSA: Beware of softening-agents phthalates in your toys; they're toxic, and can cause liver or kidney damage, and possibly cancer. Remember that toys are meant to add pleasure, not cause you to stress out because you like the smaller version or the "girlie" vibrator rather than the monster dildo. It's not a competition, and sex toys aren't for everyone. It's not about having the most toys, but about having the most fun with your toys.

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