She Can Dream, Can't She?

A choreographer with a talent for interior design

On the way out, we're handed information about those performers deliberately not listed in the program: Baumgartner, Alice Downing, and Laura Weston.

Jennifer Howard (front), Sarah Michelson (arms out)
photo: Julieta Cervantes
Jennifer Howard (front), Sarah Michelson (arms out)


Sarah Michelson's Dogs
BAM Harvey Theater
October 18 through 21

It may be that with Dogs, Michelson—who's been waylaid by injuries and says this may be her last dance—is revisiting her career in supremely oblique ways. The production is provocative as well as spectacular (her BAM budget was $157,000)—eliding theater life and real life, facts and dreams. Michelson risks much in her willingness—her desire—to baffle and startle us with this brainy, exasperating piece. Because of her meticulous constructions, we have to believe that there's a reason for everything we don't understand, and simply let her postmodern reverie delight our eyes and tease our minds.

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