In the Beginning, There Was Adam

The man who helped bring Abramoff down goes to prison for his own nefarious deeds.

By that time, Kidan will have settled into his new home—Fort Dix, a low-security prison whose compounds in western New Jersey are surrounded by razor wire. It's possible that by then Kidan will have befriended some of the prison's once powerful inmates, like former Providence mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci or ex–Bridgeport mayor Joseph Ganin, both in for corruption, or crooked financiers like Robert E. Brennan, who owes $75 million, or Jean Pierre Collardeau, who fleeced $20 million from his investors. Some of these guys may have even heard of Kidan, though it's not likely. For some reason, the role Kidan played in the Abramoff affair is like the hurricanes—it never seems to travel much past south Florida.

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