Dave Matthews
Morgantown, West Virginia

A reader balks

What's wrong with the Voice? The New York Yankees, collaborating with the governor, the mayor, a slew of city and quasi-city organizations, and a bunch of corrupt minority politicos, have pulled off one of the most blatantly vicious land grabs since the pilgrims, and all you can think to print is Emma Span's piece "It's One, Two, Three Games You're Out" [October 11–17]? There's a big crater in the South Bronx where our park used to be and what your paper chooses to kick out is this fellatio with words. I can understand the mainstream media with its heavily white and middle-class bias to give us this type of vacuity, but aren't you supposed to be the alternative press?

Hollis Henry


Due to a reporting error, Jarrett Murphy's article "School of Shock" [October 11–17] erroneously stated that Vito "Billy" Albanese was mentally retarded. In fact, he has a traumatic brain injury.

In Tricia Romano's Fly Life column [October 4–10], the actor who walked out of the Shortbus screening in Toronto was incorrectly identified. It was Morgan Freeman.

Film editor wanted

We need someone with a deep, working knowledge of movies past and present, a passion for the form, and the skill and experience necessary to edit critics, assign reviews, and coordinate coverage of releases in 17 major American cities. The job requires high energy, a reader-oriented sensibility, and a commitment to provocative, entertaining criticism that informs, challenges, and excites a broad national audience. We're not looking for a film scholar or historian; we want an experienced, smart, witty, hardworking editor to produce coverage that appeals to the widest possible audience. Send us your résumé, a cover letter that explains your qualifications and philosophy, and any other relevant materials to:

David Blum
Editor in chief
The Village Voice
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