Plug Me, Jesus

And they are just getting started; they've got more sacred sex toys in development, including the diving nun ("she'll dive into any hole"), the hand of God and the fist of fury, a Buddha butt plug, and anal rosary beads. In addition to experimenting with glow-in-the-dark and glitter silicone, Nigel and Erik want to make David and Goliath, Disco Mary, and the Devil and Jesus double dong. I told them I want more Jewish ones. "We have Moses," says Erik. And he can part my pink sea anytime.

I've noticed there are some religions not represented among the dildos (which, by the way, they have trademarked). Is there any faith they won't tackle? "No Muslim figures. We've had a number of requests for them; however, we cherish our lives," explains Erik, who's also exploring a pagan creation. "I'd like to do a group Hindu dildo," he adds. Nigel interrupts with his veto: "I've already been told not to go there. But I would like to make some latex Mormon underwear." I asked the duo if they have been targeted by any religious groups for blasphemy. "Not yet, thank God," says Erik. "I don't think we could have kept up with the orders if we had been." And what about L. Ron Hubbard, father of Scientology? "Hmmm. We could do Travolta. That would be cool." I don't think even my grandmother could object to a sacred John Travolta dildo.

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