Clive Warner
Monterey, California

Bussel is great and brave to tackle anything (in a popular newspaper such as yours) with a fair view of this once perfect morality that has now become a persecuted morality. Congratulations on preserving free speech in a more-than- ever oppressive medium.

Rachelrose Siwoff
Denville, New Jersey

Bright lights, dim city

I cannot put in words how pleased I was to read Mara Altman's article "The Young and the Helpless" [ October 25–31]. With all the publicity concerning the city's efforts to eliminate the Morrisania Multi-Service Center, no other news vehicle adequately portrayed the community it serves and the negative impact its closing would have on New York's neediest people. As a resident of the South Bronx who has knowledge of the center, I am totally dismayed by the city's actions. I do not understand why the city has created a conflict between the need for high schools and the need for services. Hopefully, the city will see the light.

William Jones

Text message

For Robert Wilonsky to bring up the homosexual subtext in his review of Infamous [ "Repeat Offender," October 11–17] but quickly dismiss it smacks of inattention if not superficiality. One thing this movie does over its predecessor, Capote, is suggest that Smith was goaded into killing both father and son because Hickock derisively accused him of being gay after Smith curiously placed a pillow under the boy's head in the process of tying him up. If nothing else, that scene makes me want to reread Capote's rendering of it in his book. Murderous violence as a defense against homophobic taunts may seem commonplace now, but it was probably a psychological point with impact at the time the book was published.

Lorenzo Pecson
Mountain Pine, Arkansas

Butt out

I am offended by Eliza Strickland's "Drawn Together" [villagevoice.com, November 2] on yaoi. I've been a fan of all things yaoi since I was 14, and to hear someone who has never even sat down and read a nice fic is really annoying. What are yaoi fans supposed to do, keep our thoughts to ourselves? Americans have no problem dealing with lesbians, but they see something wrong with butt sex.

Zina Hutton
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Strickland's story was biased and portrayed yaoi fans as either poor, underaged victims of violent pornography or incestuous, child-molesting deviants interested in bestiality. Much of the information was taken out of its fandom culture context or was downright wrong. Obviously Strickland did not do all her homework. Articles like this one perpetuate the negative and false stereotypes that threaten yaoi's presence in our society.

Dawn Keiser
Santa Rosa, California

Private I

I happen to be the "Luke" mentioned in Chris Korman's "Field of Queens" [September 27–October 3] and I am horrified by how wrong you got what happened that night. Korman has painted a picture of me as some oversexed fag who was flirting with Eric Merfalen. That is not the case at all. I ripped up Eric's business card not because he voted for Bush, but because he was nothing but a judgmental asshole the entire evening. He was argumentative, rude, and nasty. Furthermore, my conversation with Eric was private, and I had no idea anyone from your paper was listening. Also, I never touched Eric's leg, but I did tell him he was cute. I did talk about my sex life, because he asked—no doubt for the glory of the reporter listening. My God, how desperate do you think I am? Most of the things in the article were untrue, and others were clouded to make me sound like a pretentious whore.

Luke Grooms

Film editor wanted

We need someone with a deep, working knowledge of movies past and present, a passion for the form, and the skill and experience necessary to edit critics, assign reviews, and coordinate coverage of releases in 17 major American cities. The job requires high energy, a reader-oriented sensibility, and a commitment to provocative, entertaining criticism that informs, challenges, and excites a broad national audience. We're not looking for a film scholar or historian; we want an experienced, smart, witty, hardworking editor to produce coverage that appeals to the widest possible audience. Send your résumé, a cover letter that explains your qualifications and philosophy, and any other relevant materials to:

David Blum
Editor in chief
The Village Voice
36 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

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