The Virgin Non-Suicides

More musings on hymens, horniness, choice, and chastity

I admire Nancy's well-thought-out stance regarding her virginity. She likes sex sans intercourse and goes after what, and who, she wants, on her terms. "I've learned through too many experiences with boys not to give into the moment if it feels like they really do love you, because usually, they don't," she says. "I actively pursue finding a boyfriend to eventually have sex with, but I have little desire to do it with someone who doesn't respect and adore me. I think this is a supremely feminist ideology, not a repressive conservative throwback. I'm proud not to have succumbed to guys who don't really give a shit about me." On this last point, she makes a lot of sense, and while I don't wish to be a virgin again, I wish I could say the same.

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