Wild Turkeys

The Thanksgiving plans of clubland's most grateful—not to mention finest, sexiest, and gayest

Irishman Dominique Keegan of the Glass is flying to Europe Thanksgiving day, and is thus thankful for the "quiet, peaceful airport. I guess airplane food. Stewardesses."

Like me, Dirty Martini, Murray Hill, and Julie Atlas Muz will be in London for the big day. Miss Martini, who's celebrating her birthday on the 21st, says they are going to "perform in a benefit with England's own burlesque royal, Immodesty Blaize, with proceeds going to the Exotic World Burlesque Museum."

Murray, whose birthday is on Thanksgiving ("This year 50 candles, Romano!") says that he's knocking back his "Swanson's Hungry-Man Turkey TV dinner" for the big day. "I'm thankful that Madonna recently adopted me. I'm hoping when I'm old enough, she'll ask me to open for her at the Garden." Since Murray is going to be in London performing, he says, "I'm going to make the girls fish 'n' chips for the holiday."

Theo, clearly in a festive mood
photo: Tricia Romano
Theo, clearly in a festive mood

On the flip side, two Europeans who are stuck on this side of the Atlantic shared their Thanksgiving thoughts. Frenchie DJ Max Pask is thankful for "George Bush providing the best stand-up comedy every time he gets on the mic. He's even funnier than Jacques Chirac."

Brit Phil Meynell, the co-promoter of Tiswas, says, "I'm thankful for the big ol' Christmas dinner you guys give me early! Even though everyone hates me for a day, calling me a bloody Pilgrim and reminding me they are thankful for getting away from the Brits and 'Why am I eating with them?' Apart from that, I love all the silly holidays you guys have in the U.S.A. If I had a proper job, I would have a lot of days off!"

Bloody wanker.

Things to do Thanksgiving week:

Wednesday: Jive Turkey with Stretch Armstrong, DJ Eli, and Jamal Ali spinning jams, hip-hop and dance rock. The Vault @ Element, 225 East Houston Street.
Friday: DJ Spun, Corey Black (Imperial Dub), and Tommy Moye spin deep house and eclectic tunes. APT, 419 West 13th Street.
Saturday: All-star techno and electro house lineup with Lee Burridge, MANDY, Adultnapper, and Alexi Delano. Shelter, 150 Varick Street.

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