Spanker's Delight

Booty whackers unleash their greatest hits

The bottoms get most of the attention, though tops get off on ass smacking too; it's a visual and aural treat. "The reaction I get from varying the spankings and the surprised yelps from an unexpected smack are my favorite aspects," says Jake. As Katie's official punisher, he likes that she can take harder spankings than any of his previous girlfriends could. Mike savors everything from a sub kicking her legs and addressing him as "Sir," to seeing a woman rub her ass (or struggle not to) after she's been spanked, relishing every aspect of the sensual process.

The mental and emotional side of spanking is often the most erotic. Whether you're into role-playing or simply sensation, spanking can take you places you've never dreamed of going. The spankee is utterly vulnerable, while the spanker gets the joy of making someone squirm. There's a euphoria that comes with a sore ass that simply cannot be topped, so to speak, because it transcends the physical. Just writing about it makes me horny. All this spanking talk has reminded me that I turned 31 recently and never received my much-desired birthday spankings. I'll have to rectify that sad omission ASAP.

Self-appointed "Princess of Spanking" Katie Spades
photo: Jake Spades
Self-appointed "Princess of Spanking" Katie Spades

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