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Porn star Nina Hartley fucks, and we reap the rewards

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In between shooting the new videos, there are book-tour stops and university lectures around the country for Nina. With a degree in nursing, she hints that soon she may be spending a lot more time in academia—this time, as a student pursuing an advanced degree. "I want to take my educational aspirations to the next level," she says. For her, as life continues, so does the learning. Nina and Ernest acknowledge that sex ed has changed a lot since Nina first starting producing her instructional videos. "I think younger audiences in particular bring a much more sophisticated background to their self-education through video and are interested in a much wider variety of options," says Ernest. "[Sex ed] is getting more press as people realize that sexual health connects to all other aspects of health," says Nina. "We can never know too much about sex and especially about our own individual sexuality."

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