What the Democrats Must Do

Mandate for the new majority: Curb the president's power to torture

"[The resurgent Democrats] must address the anti–terror legislation . . . that invests the President with the power to declare anyone, including an American citizen, as an enemy combatant and . . . [to hold them] indefinitely without trial. The legislation stripped away habeas corpus for detainees, a right that allows a suspect to challenge his or her detention." (An echo of Franz Kafka's The Trial.)

I hope the editorial page editor of the Times Union will send a copy of that opinion to New York's senior senator, Charles Schumer—now third in the majority hierarchy as a reward for all the money he raised for the midterm elections. The loquacious Schumer has been indifferent to the administration's war on the Constitution and on our laws and treaties. Time for him to pay attention.

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