Action Jackson

Meet clubland's enigmatic, fascinating new "It" boy

Unlike the famous-for-being-famous "It" girls, though, Jackson seems determined to become known for his music. His current band, Frankpollis, is recording with Roger Greenawalt, who's also produced Ben Kweller, the Pierces, and Deerhoof. And it's his musical taste that gets him the most attention and explains why he, as they say in the biz, has legs. Jackson's set at the Siren Festival led to an invitation from Dave at to write an MP3 blog—thus far Jackson's recommended the Knife, Thunderbirds Are Now, and the Scissor Sisters. Larry Tee, who as the arbiter of electroclash is no stranger to cultural trends, was especially impressed when Jackson unloaded an Erol Alkan remix of red-hot DJs the Justice.

"I think he's the best DJ in the whole circuit—not counting the people who've been around for 10 years, like Junior Sanchez or Tommie Sunshine," Ultragrrrl says. "He understands music. He understands how to get the crowd going, what makes songs go together. He's technically very good. It's always funny. When you are out somewhere and you think, 'This DJ is really good,' and then you look over and then you see—it's Jackson.' "

That must be it.

Party time. Excellent.
photo: Tricia Romano
Party time. Excellent.

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