Guns Gone Wild

NYPD gunfire goes up while crime goes down. What gives?

But in 2006, in his fifth year of his second stint as police commissioner and with rumored mayoral aspirations, Kelly is now married to the Glock and other NYPD- issued 9mm pistols. (Imagine the outcry from the police officers should a cop with a modified 10-shot gun be killed by someone with the standard 15-shot Glock.)

illustration: Viktor Koen


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  • Asked whether Kelly will try to modify the NYPD's 9mm pistols, spokesman Paul Browne says he won't. Browne tells the Voice via e-mail that semiautomatics are now the "national standard" and "with no emergence of chronic overshooting or other problems associated with the 9mm," it will continue to be the NYPD's weapon of choice.

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