Sexy Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1

Air-conditioned undies, candy cane cocks, and kitty crops

If you prefer something more sensual, try a couples massage at Kneaded Body Words (, $180 for one hour) or give your own, with Lush's Soft Coeur massage bar (, $7.20) made with honey and cocoa powder. Then lock yourselves away with a copy of Barbara Carrellas's Tantrism how-to Luxurious Loving ($19.99) and learn about breathing techniques and prolonging your pleasure.

What would I like for the holidays? Aside from uninterrupted time with my new boyfriend, a stay in the Library Hotel's Erotic Literature Room (, $650) sounds like the perfect getaway in New York City, complete with champagne, strawberries and whipped cream, and erotic oils. Then again, I could probably re-create this at home, though hotel rooms make me horny no matter what they're stocked with. I encourage you to improvise: Make your own sex toys or love potions, bake something sinfully delicious, or put yourself under the tree (or indulge in hot wax play with the menorah candles).

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