Twisted Spitzer

Note to good-guy governor-elect: 10 reasons to stay Hevesi’s execution

And if it ever gets to replacement, that, too, may be a legal mess. Should Hevesi resign under all the Spitzer pressure, the state legislature as a whole will select the next comptroller. The senate went to court to challenge the assembly-dominated process in the early '90s when the comptroller and attorney general resigned, and most senators boycotted both votes. The capital was wrenched by partisan wrangling that undercut budget and legislative negotiations. If Hevesi goes to trial and loses, Spitzer picks a replacement. But what may look now, from Spitzer's vantage point, like a strong stand for probity could turn into a grimy hunt in the senate, trading grants for votes, and a messy succession, with Bruno only agreeing to convict if he gets veto power over the choice of the next comptroller.

Research assistance: Adam Fleming, Keach Hagey, Luke Jerod Kummer, Damien Weaver

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