Battle of the Tatas

Announcing the first (and possibly last) edition of the Fly Life Nightlife Awards

Best Nightclubs for People Who Actually Care About Dancing: Cielo and Studio B.

Cielo's cozy size and close proximity to my apartment places it a notch above, but Greenpoint's Studio B has an edgier booking policy with Justine D at the helm, and is better suited to bigger parties.

Best Nightlife Photographer: I'm completely biased because he's one of my good friends, but that doesn't really stop other award givers, does it? It's my party, and Gawker's Nikola Tamindzic wins. His photos are beautiful mini-masterpieces that make everyone look better.

Peppermint Gummybear, fount of dignity and wit.
photo: Nikola Tamindzic/
Peppermint Gummybear, fount of dignity and wit.


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Nightlife Trend That Should Die a Slow, Excruciating, Torturous Death: bottle service.The only solace we can take is that bottle service keeps all the morons sequestered as far away from the rest of us as humanly possible. Can we look into opening one more bottle-service spot on the moon? Please?

Best Nightlife Hotties: Theo and Justine D. Really, the epitome of Total Hotness.

Best Club Owner: Stuart Armando. Because the cute Australian is committed to good music, employs the Ass, and gives good gossip

Best Bar With Endurance: Lit. Perhaps it's the basement—which makes you feel like being very, very naughty—but Lit is a guaranteed good time. Sometimes, too good of a time. Thanks, Max!

Best Nightclub Booking Agent: Alec DeRuggiero. Au revoir to the former APT guru, the man who for the past seven years turned a small, lame would-be bottle service venue into a cool micro-club for world-class DJs like Michael Mayer and Stacey Pullen. Luckily, he's being replaced by the equally able Justin Carter.

Best Iconic Transsexual: Sofia Lamar. Girlfriend was in the New York Times Sunday Style section recently, looking flawless. I rest my case.

Best Reason to Hate New York Nightlife: The Nightlife Task Force + the Cabaret Law = Total Suck.While crime continues to fester in my neighborhood, the city spends my tax dollars enforcing the totally bullshit cabaret law, shutting places down because their licenses for dancing (that is not a typo) aren't up to code. It's enough to make me want to move back to Las Vegas.

Best Dog Owned by a Club Personality: Monkey. Owned by: Ultragrrrl. Just Google it.

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