Our Own Nuremberg Trials

In 2007, the 'reality show' of the American rule of law, for the world to see.

Remember, too, that in the 2006 Military Commissions Act, Congress stripped from all these prisoners any meaningful right to utilize our federal courts, thereby defying our own Supreme Court.

Co-author Joshua Denbeaux tells me: "The government's own documents proved that the government's claims that the prisoners were the 'worst of the worst' was a false and shameful public relations ploy . . . We hope that our reports will convince Congress to amend the Military Commissions Act and restore federal jurisdiction." If that happens, the prisoners could contest their conditions of confinement, their imprisonment, and their sentences.

Should the new Democrat-controlled Congress not do that, the American Nuremberg trials could begin—and later, the defendants' last resort may be the John Roberts Supreme Court. But however Congress or the high court eventually decides, we will again be disgraced around the world.

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