Ridge Racer 7 for the PS3 is an update of Ridge Racer 6, released last year for the Xbox 360. It doesn't hide its simple, arcade roots: choose a car and drive carefully with alacrity to win the race. One of the things that's of paramount import is learning to drift, a way of driving and steering to preserve high speed that was first popularized by Japan's Kunimitsu Takahashi three decades ago. Although I find tweaking a car a little banal, the driver who cares about detail can spend hours customizing a vehicle, getting it to race just right. And the graphics on an HDTV? Like you're standing in the middle of the track watching it all go by at 200 mph.

Zelda's little shop of horrors
image: Courtesy of Nintendo
Zelda's little shop of horrors


The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Format: Nintendo Wii

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  • Want to blast things to high heaven and race with pulse-pounding puissance? Full Auto 2: Battlelines may be the game for you. While it's sometimes difficult to race and shoot at the same time in these cars that are outfitted better than a Russian Black Eagle tank, the fireworks that ensue onscreen can be electrifying. You even have an "Unwreck" mode. Here, you can turn back time just like Cher always wished she could do and try to win in way that won't leave you splat on the street. Heck, if you want to be like the King Kong of racers, you can even maneuver to drop a commuter train or a water tower on your foe for ultimate destruction.

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