Urban Buttgirl Meets Rural Right

And the holidays won't be the same

Religion makes me uncomfortable. It always has—and living in a small town heightens that feeling. Maybe it's because I grew up in a predominantly Catholic community and extended family, and my parents decided not to baptize me or raise me Catholic (or any other religion). Mostly, though, I think it's because most traditional religious institutions have an uneasy relationship with sexuality—and not just queer sexuality. Instead of being a positive force, an expression of love, or a celebration of a higher power, sex is the territory of unholy desire, sin, compulsion, addiction, guilt, and shame. Religion makes a lot of people feel bad about their sexuality, and I want to empower people to embrace their sexuality, so we seem to be at odds. I want people to discover and nurture their erotic identities and desires, to capture this important part of themselves with non-judgmental compassion. I hope my new neighbors, whatever their religion, can embrace this city girl in the same way.

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