City Rump

An ass-eye tour of New York with the editors of 'BUTT' magazine

The woman behind the counter at the café making shots of espresso has black stretch pants on. "I think leggings for men should come back," says Gert. Jop isn't sold.

Although we can't appraise bare butts on the street, Gert has an opinion about them nonetheless. The butt crack needs curvature; one line is a no-no—on BUTT's pink pages, at least. "We print in black-and-white," he says, "so it's all about shades of gray."

BUTT isn't really about butts anyway. Jop says part of the readers' attraction to BUTT is that no cover boy is held to any cultural ideals of beauty—hairy fat men are regularly featured, as are men with eight-packs. AIDS, Gert says, desexualized homosexuality; he sees BUTT as putting the sex back in with an additional helping of fun. The secret to a nice ass, then: There is none. "Like good weather or good sex," says Gert, "a nice ass just happens on you."

photo: Jorge Colombo


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I ask what the next five years of BUTT might bring. Their chief concern is keeping the magazine exciting. The current issue, BUTT No. 18, has photos of men shagging—the first time Gert and Jop have gone there. And women, could a woman's ass ever grace one of BUTT's pages? Jop tightens his brow, concerned. He replies, "You have to set your boundaries somewhere."

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