Perfect From Now On

New Year's resolutions, many of which are likely to be broken by the time you read this

Inara George of Birds and the Bees:To floss more. (I don't like to challenge myself too much.)

Ian St. Pe of Black Lips: Play short sets and take long breaks.

Producer Gordon Raphael: To not be such a people-pleaser and not try to rescue as many damsels in distress as in previous years. I discovered that when I think I am making friends, I am actually taking hostages!! Cool, huh?

(Eugene Hütz's resolution censored due to explicit content)
picture: Tricia Romano
(Eugene Hütz's resolution censored due to explicit content)


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This week: Rainbows 4 Ever

Promoter Kenny Kenny: Not to pay for sex emotionally or from my nelly purse strings. Is everyone a hustler in this city or is it just me?

Peppermint Gummybear: I resolve to spend extra time taking care of my friendships and the people whom I love—and this time, to ask if he's a cop before taking the money!

Linda Simpson: To consume less trans fats and spend more time with fat trannies.

Michael T: To have even more "straight" men fawning for my attention.

Squeezebox documentary producer Lyle Derek: In 2007, I plan on unleashing onto the world the long-awaited doc about Squeezebox and hope that it helps liberate gay Republicans, gay terrorists, and Tom Cruise with its open-door message for all, gay or straight!

Dirty Martini: This year, I want to share that love of myself and the love I feel for my very unique New York family, with their wonderful values of peace and nudity for all, and spread it across the globe! And when I say spread, I really mean spread—in 2007, I take off on tour with the Sex Workers Art Show!

Larry Tee: To do something I've never done, go somewhere I've never gone, and find a very nice boyfriend.

Amy Sacco: Dance more, spend more time with friends and family, and take some time off.

Susanne Bartsch: I don't make New Year's resolutions. If I want to change or do something, I start when I have the desire. I don't like to wait for New Year's Eve.

Tim Fletcher of the Stills: No resolutions. You make adjustments when you need to, you know?

Andy Salzer: To have a relationship with someone other than Yoko Devereaux.

Michael Nouveau: Spend more time sleeping and less time on Blue States Lose.

Performance artist Dynasty Handbag:No more Mr. Nice Bag!

Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello: My New Year's resolutions are way too extreme for a family-oriented publication!

Max Pask: Fuck those!

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