Bush tremors
In regards to J. Hoberman's comment that "George Bush hasn't directly impinged on most American lives" ["V for Violence," January 3–9]: What "Green Zone" does he live in? I am an expat American living in Canada and the negative impact of the president's leadership is reverberating all the way up here. Most Americans I speak to are feeling fearful and tense about their safety, the disintegration of social funding, the environment, and nuclear warfare, in addition to the war in Iraq; it is an anxious era in America and has been for a while as Bush plays on 9-11 fears in addition to his callous disregard for the rights and needs of most of America's pluralistic citizens.
Calder Falk
Toronto, Ontario

The same leftover jelly beans: Photograph by Jen Davis, for Alex Cao Studio.
The same leftover jelly beans: Photograph by Jen Davis, for Alex Cao Studio.

Re John Smada’s “Letter of the Weak” [Letters, December 6–12] about Nat Hentoff’s “What the Democrats Must Do”: Who does Smada consider to be “regular, everyday Americans”? White people? That title also applies to folks of Arabic or Middle Eastern descent, thank you. Stop watching Fox News and read some books on the subject. Democrats are no angels, but I’ll bet that when their policies prove to be humane and effective, the Bush regime and its supporters will arrange another catastrophe to prove that they were right in the first place. As Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Clubbed to death
Having read Tricia Romano's "Put a Cork in It" [December 20–26] I have a glimmer of hope that the New York City club scene may yet rise from the ashes. Bottle service is an obnoxious pillar of current Clubland and I would love to celebrate its death. As a Wall Street guy (hey Tricia, we are part of the city too—and some of us are more well-rounded than you give us credit for), even I detest BSB (Bottle Service Boulevard). I certainly didn't move to the city to club with obnoxious doorknobs from Goldman Sachs. The beauty of the old scene was partying with those from all walks of life (not separate clusters of artists, financiers, etc.). Perhaps the club scene (and the city itself?) is in the first stages of yet another transformation and rejection of the current sanitized nightlife. Either that or I am moving to London.
James McKernan

Sweet highs, sour lows
I loved the candy addiction article. If you changed the name to Jennifer (and changed a few of the sweets) it would have been about me. Candy for me is like crack to a crackhead. It's good to know that other people suffer from this addiction. Believe me when I say that it is a real addiction. I just wish there were more information about where to go for help. Hopefully I can kick the habit in 2007. Wish me luck.
Jennifer Graham

What's with the new Voice? Articles about eating candy and ice hockey? I hate to tell you, but at this point Reader's Digest is edgier than you are.
Michael Gorelick
Phoenicia, New York

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