AVN Adult Entertainment Expo: Day 4

Get the ho-down from skin-flick groupies

When they've finally made it to the head of the line, Belladonna recognizes them both. They hug and take pictures with her. Dan tells her he likes the tiny pink tutu she's wearing. They chat briefly, then step aside so the line will keep moving. They've seen her every day since the event started, so they're not interested in lingering.

Although Dawn acknowledges that as a woman at AEE, she's in the minority ("there are a lot of old perverts here"), she knows that Belladonna has more than her share of female fans: "It surprises me because of the hardcore nature of her movies. Sometimes I can't even watch some of the things she's done. She did this one scene where she stuck all these lollipops in this girl's butt then took them out and ate them and [another scene where she put] the baseball bat in her ass." I asked her if watching Belladonna's movies has influenced her own sexuality. "Oh, definitely," she says. "Although, I don't care how many different things she puts in her ass, I still won't do anal," she says, firmly. "But I have fucked a guy in the ass."

A porn star and her fans
photo: Tristan Taormino
A porn star and her fans


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